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Support Our Schools: Thank you for your support!

SOS Parent Donation

Hello Charter School Parents,


Greetings! As we wrap up the 2016-17 school year, we would like to take the opportunity to thank every parent/guardian who has contributed or pledged a donation to our Support Our Schools Campaign. As you may already know, every penny of your donation goes directly into raising the quality of education and resources for the students of the award-winning, A-rated Pembroke Pines Charter School System. Along with your help this year, we have been able to:



Award $5,000 in scholarships to our Academic Village seniors.

Award $2,000 in scholarships to our charter school teachers.

Award $7,500 to our Teacher and Non-Instructional Employees of the year throughout our charter school system.

Contribute to the Pembroke Pines Charter School operating costs—$173,584.58


To date, we have collected $41,379.01 in parent donations out of the $49,865.81 pledged, along with $57,811.66 raised through other SOS Fundraising efforts, such as SOS Dress Down, SOS Field Trip, and SOS Walk-A-Thon.


Comparatively, in the 2015-16 school year, we collected $51,266.15 in parent pledges alone, along with the $51,295.26 in SOS Fundraising events. 


We are counting on your continued support to make all of this and more possible for our A-rated charter schools.  For this school year, we asked parents to pledge $250 per household, and are offering several options on which parents can fulfill their commitment. As an added incentive and to show our immense gratitude, at the end of the school year we will draw one parent/guardian name who has fulfilled their pledge to win a Miami Marlins Baseball Fan Pack! (Winner was selected as of 6/6/2017).


If you have not done so already, please make a commitment and read, complete and return the attached 2016-17 Pembroke Pines Charter School Foundation Pledge Form. You can mail it to the address on the pledge form or have your child give it to his/her homeroom teacher. All information completed is kept confidential. To keep up with Pembroke Pines Charter School Foundation fundraising efforts, please view our Fundraising Newsletter.


Again, thank you for your continuous support and dedication to the Pembroke Pines Charter School Foundation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



Aner Gonzalez


Aner Gonzalez

Assistance City Manager


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