SOS Dress Down

SOS Dress Down Days are one of our most popular in-school Fundraising Events. In 2017-18, we raised over $29,700!


What is SOS Dress Down?
Pembroke Pines Charter School Students can dress up based on the theme of that month or wear their favorite county-approved top ($1) or bottom ($1). Students may dress up on designated days, typically every second Tuesday of the month. 


For the first time this year, you will have the convenience of prepaying for your child(ren). Simply prepay for your child(ren) by giving us their name (first and last), campus and your child(ren)'s homeroom teacher. If your student attends Academic Village, please list your child's 1st period class instead of Homeroom Teacher.  This information will be sent to the school for prepayment verification. 


See below the 2018-19 SOS Dress Down Dates for January through May 2019

  • January 15 SOS Dress Down: All Schools
  • February 12 SOS Dress Down: West Campus
  • February 14 SOS Dress Down: Academic Village, East Elementary, FSU Elementary, Central Campus
  • March 12 SOS Dress Down: All Schools
  • April 9 SOS Dress Down: All Schools
  • May 14 SOS Dress Down: All Schools


If you missed the first SOS Dress Down Prepay window you will have another option to prepay for the second half of the school year. This SOS Dress Down Prepay will open on December 13, 2018 at 7:00 am and will close January 8, 2019 at 7:00am. If you have not prepaid, your child may still participate in the SOS Dress Down Day by paying the day of each SOS Dress Down Day. 


There are three prepayment options available for purchase

1 Student: $10

2 Students: $20

3 Students: $30

4 or more students please contact Chelsea Ducsay at 954-518-9034 or no later than January 7th, 2019.


The SOS Dress Down Prepay has now been closed. Parents/guardians who have already prepaid do not need to pay again in the school year 2018-19. If prepayment was not purchased, the student may still participate in SOS Dress Down. SOS Dress Down payment must be made on the day of each SOS Dress Down day. Please note that Non-SOS dress downs will follow normal procedures for payment.